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About Me

This is Amit Bhatt. I am living in a joint family in Delhi, the capital city of India. I live with my parents along with my wife and two children . I choose my passion for my livelihood, which is driving & inventing new traveling places.

I started my journey as a professional driver with a travelling agency & soon I realized that it’s a great way to meet my Incredible India. Through this I could meet the different people & their culture a bit from different part of the world. Seeing my great interest in this work, my family members, colleagues & friends suggested me to take the next step. It clicked me & with the help of my father I bought my new car & start serving my guests on my own. Now with years of experience, I am doing in it well. I have my repeated guests from European countries & meanwhile I got suggestion from my precious guests to spread my network. I made a group of skilled & professional drivers and established an organization. Our objective is to give all the possible services to make a tour a memory.

Why us?

A driver is the first & last person who has all the responsibilities of his guest & it is his service on which it depend weather the tour is a success or a failure. We have cut the mediator & his margin which in short a gain to the guest. My strength is my positive attitude & quick response. Our organization works on the motto of the tourism department of India that is “Atithi Devo Bhavah”, which means that the guests are the God & do serve them.

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